Foothills Craft Guild Heritage

In 1967 a group of craftsmen operating under the name of Oak Ridginal Crafts decided to make it professional after participating in numerous craft shows and exhibitions. The group incorporated the Foothills Craft Guild in 1968 chartering it as an educational, non-profit corporation. The purpose of the group was to encourage and promote the development and appreciation of art, handicrafts, and high standards of workmanship in handicrafts; to conduct educational programs for people interested in handicrafts; and to sponsor and hold handicrafts shows, exhibitions, fairs, and demonstrations.

It is nice to know that not much has changed in 40+ years. The Guild still has the same goals and expectations of its members. In reading through the books of information we preserved over the years, one thing still holds true. One main goal of this organization in 1968 was to "establish a craft shop where articles made by the members would be sold." Ask any member today, and they will tell you the same goal remains first and foremost in their mind. Although this goal hasn't come to life as of yet, all the others have. The Foothills Craft Guild works to educate the public and its members along with providing opportunities to the public.

Remembering our Founding Fathers - Charter Members

Let's take a look at some of those that shaped and ran the Guild in the early days

Barbara Webb - wood
Margaret Arnold and Jo Brewer - plastic ornaments and fruit boxes
Dudley Blanke - painted and natural wood carvings
Marie Blanke - dried flower pictures
Yolanda Baxter - paper mache figures, ornaments, and paper flowers
Charles Caldwell - sculptured figurines and sets
Mary Anne Good - Danish embroidery
Dot Green - block prints
Peggy Haaland - framed and decorated tiles, terrarium furniture, bisque ornaments, earthstar jewelry, slab trivets, mushrooms and wood, ceramic wind chimes, note paper
Rozan Harris and Ruth Smalley - glass, plastic and wood panels
Barbara Hackett - copper enameled jewelry and bowls
William T. Henry - wood carving
Judy and George Kidd - painted wood ornaments and mobiles, wooden cutting boards, Danish embroidery, tontens, fabric and wooden toys, metal and wood crosses
Marshall Lockhart - stone and wood stabiles, lapidary mobiles, wall hangings, stix 'n stones
Manya Pirkle - rock owls
Louise Pflasterer - nature water colors
Dot Senn - nut topiary trees
Louise Stoddard - period dolls
Margaret & Sam Thompson - ceramic mushrooms, miniatures, jewelry, gorgets, pottery, beads, surbonnets, molded and dipped candles, ceramic and cloth dolls, painted wooden boards, jewelry and tree ornaments
Josh Williams - painted tinware

Foothills By-Laws